*The research projects accomplished after Jan. 2011 are not included. 2011.01 ~ Present -
Specific design of precast pier based on 2010 Korea highway bridge design specifications 2010.11 Daewoo E&C
Development of new materials using the next generation’s infra-structure 2010.08 M.L.T.M
Optimum design of PSC I girder bridges and installation method 2009.09 RIST
Composite rig mats for oil-field and composite snap-fit decks for traffic bridges 2009.08 M.L.T.M
Steel box bridge design by ASD and LRFD design code 2009.08 RIST
Research on kernel technology of bridge design
– Analysis and advanced design of bridges
2008.12 M.O.C.T
Hybrid cable stayed bridges design classified by representative span length 2008.12 KICT
Conceptual design about presenting the performance of Super long span bridge, and deriving Test Bed. 2008.12 RIST
Materialization of new type superstructure system for increasing efficiency of construction and structure about middle span bridge 2008.07 M.O.C.T.
Making example design book for cable stayed steel bridges 2005.12 RIST
Investigation of cable stayed steel bridge design example 2005.04 RIST
Making example design book of new type steel bridge 2003.12 RIST
Making standard example design book of MSS construction method 2003.10 KICT
Design and simulation of composite bridge slab for shrinkage and creep 2001.01 RIST
Design value suggestion and making design book of steel plate bridge slab specimen with widely space girder 2000.07 KICT
Development of construction method for steel plate bridge with widely spaced girder 2000.06 Daelim
Research and development of high performance PSC BEAM 1999.11 BNG Consultant
Research on application of highway bridge as weathering steel bridge 1999.06 RIST

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