GK Fixed Link Corporation. BTMS supply and installation System Development 2010.12 GK Fixed Link Corporation
The Road Construction Work for Yeongin-Chungbuk(2) (Part 1) (AL) Manual 2009.06 Samsung C&T
Construction Project Daegu Urban Railway line No. 3 (Construction section 4) (AL) Manual 2009.05 Samsung C&T
The Construction Work between Donghongchun and Yangyang of the highway No. 60 (Section No. 11) Manual 2009.02 Dongbu E&C
The Expansion Work between Damyang and Seongsan of the highway No. 12 (Section No. 6) (AL) Manual 2008.07 Samsung C&T
The Constructoin project of Gyodong Island Bridge Manual 2008.05 Daewoo E&C
The Construction Work of the Detour(1st section) of the Street No.1 in Multi-Functional Administrative City Manual 2007.11 Hyundai D.C
Gwangmyeong~Seoul Expressway BTL Manual 2007.08 Keangnam Enterprise
Alternative Design of Munui-Daejeon Road Extension and Pavement Construction Manual 2006.11 Daewoo E&C
Rail Road at west side of Kwangyang harbor T/K1 Design Manual 2005.06 Daewoo E&C
Construction work “the second bridge linking an island to the land of inchon” linking way (Section No. 2) Manual 2005.04 Daelim
Construction work “the second bridge linking an island to the land of inchon” linking way (Section No. 4) Manual 2005.04 K.E.C
Basic Design of Sungnam – Yeoju Rail Road Improvement Manual 2005.03 POSCO E&C
Road building between Gakhwa IC and Honam express highway (Section I) Manual 2004.10 Kumkwang E&C
Invitation to Alternative Design for the Chengho-Samho Manual 2004.04 Daewoo E&C
The Expansion and Pavement work of Sinmae-Owol road (AL) Manual 2003.09 Dongbu E&C
Gwangahn Bridge Construction Basic and Practical Design System Devlopment 2003.07 Busan city
The Mokpo national detour road(Goha-Jukgyo) Construction Project Manual 2003.06 Hyundai E&C
The Bridge Construction Project between Dolsan and Hwatae Manual 2003.06 SK E&C
Bridge Management System Based Virtual Reality VR system 2003.03 KISTEC

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